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Vocational Training

Rehabilitation: Recreational and Vocational Therapy A method of education to increase your knowledge of and successfully provide for you leisure activities, which are an integral part of your rehabilitation and social reintegration.

Recreational participation, which is necessary for a normalized, balanced life style for all people, and essential as a means of self expression, release, and socialization for the people with SCI

Like all other rehabilitation therapies, therapeutic recreation helps  you achieve your highest possible level of independence and quality of life.

Many people with schizophrenia are unemployed as they back  the skills needed to hold job. Job training and vocational therapy can help people with schizophrenia develop the skills necessary to attain and hold to a job.

Vocational therapy is a process which involves interviews, evaluation of abilities and tests of manual and physical skills to determine the jobs that are best suited for the person .Through the process of vocational training, people with schizophrenia are evaluated, trained and placed in jobs where they can be successful. Having a job increases a person’s ability to become indepent and enhances his or her sense of purpose and self worth.

The  Activity becomes a therapy  when persons with mental retardation (mild & moderate) and psychiatric  disabilities (reactive psychosis, affective disorder and neurosis) restored clinical conditions in the state of persons with psychiatric disabilities, placed in various vocational programme based on aptitude, social background and family expectation and to prepare then to obtain or retain employment.

The phase of vocational therapy

Phase I

  • Work behavior assessment
  • Development of work behavior
  • Life skill training

Phase 2

  • Vocational interest assessment
  • Identification of trade
  • Vocational  training
  • Training in Job seeking skills

Phase  3

  • Job identification
  • Preparing  the employers and co workers
  • Preparing the client employability
  • Job placement (Part time &  full time)
  • follow up

Micro Enterprises and home based activities

The trainees are involved in the manufacturing of household material such as decorative sagun envelops, decorative carry bags, file cover sceneries and decorative candles. Almost all trainees spread out in the various units of the foundation involve themselves in the activities where in they develop ways and means of improving their psychomotor co-ordination which is therapeutic in nature.
The trainees are given exposure and training in computer typing, Photostat printing and scanning.  The trainees are also taught diya making, puja trays etc

Trading & Marketing Activities

Udaan – The petty shop
Udaan a small shop that has consumer product like different styles candles, carry bags, Sagan envelops scenaries, file covers run by the residents who monitor the functioning of the shop from purchase to sales and to the maintaining of accounts. Therapeutically this play a role of understanding  transactions in trade and building interpersonal relationship in the community. All the trainees involved in the various activities are given incentives by way of stipend. Their morale is also boosted by way of appreciation used as token economy.

The Aim

To enable persons with mental disabilities to acquire work and social skills, prepare them for job and placement.
The advantages of this Therapy

  • The trainees learn a vocation
  • Gain a sense of self worth
  • Economic independence
  • Learn to improve inter personal relationship
  • Above all the trainees become a contributory member in the income generating activities of the foundation.