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Computer Training

Udaan Special School is the only special school in Punjab, which focuses entirely on Computer Therapy.

This course offers an introduction to the use of personal computer.

Computer Training plays a major role in the development of these children as students will use the Windows environment to identify and use the four different parts of the keyboard to learn to use an integrated mouse specialized keyboarding techniques and computer therapy skills will be covered.

The computer is well-established as a powerful learning tool and an interactive context. In a recent study, it was concluded that severely handicapped children (some of whom had Down syndrome) made improvements in specific vocabulary, general language skills, and social skills after an intervention that involved individualized, clinician facilitated computer training in addition to a classroom commucation curriculum. Children in their study were able to sustain interest and respond over a period of at least 10 weeks. Parents and teacher felt positive about the instruction these researchers discussed the concern about implementation of their approach in a cost effective manner. They speculated that such training could be implemented by paraprofessionals parent volunteers or peer tutors after initial an consultation from communication and technology specialists.

In recent times computer Education program was directed to achieve goals and to promote optimal use of computer with children from ages 5 to 20 years and their families.

Our ambition

  • Give appropriate training to the disabled children to enable then to live in the society like normal people.
  • Extend our service to bring more children into our loving care, to support and train them.                                                                   
  • Select and train teachers to do the service.
  • Bring into use many more equipment for the training.
  • Impart training to do their day to day activity in their life.
  • Vocational training- preparing to earn for their living.
  • Teachers empathizing with the parents, guide them to continue with the training of the children at home.