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Play and Recreation

Activities like group and role model play, music and dance lessons, picnics and outdoor games, swimming and gardening which are cautiously guided and modified by experienced staff are carried out as routine. They facilitate relevant social and play behaviors and expression of emotions in socially acceptable means.


Families of differently disabled afficated families are not able to make prudent decisions due to lack of awareness about their children’s problem. They frequently are burnt out and not able to reasonably father or mother their children .The expert team not only apprises them of the current trends and treatment plans but also offers logistic support voluntarily. Whenever necessary the children are referred to other medical professionals and specialists for investigations and treatment.

Activities for daily living

Children are to taught to effectively communicate. They are trained in all activities like hygiene, feeding, dressing and environmental manipulation to effect partially dependent or fully independent living. Gross motor and five motor skills and cognitive aspects are specifically targeted for under achievement.

Behavior Modification

Behavioral problems, autistic spectrum behavior, dyslexia are dealt with by psychiatrists and clinical psychologists interventions. Conducive learning and teaching environments meeting the immediate needs of every child are created in the school after careful analyses and

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